Note:  As of November 17 Mrs. Stucker will not be returning to HMS this school year, she is trying to rest and recover from a lung condition.  Mrs. Hill will be taking over the FCS classes and will be doing a great job!  Please continue to use this site for resources and class information.

If you have any questions please contact Heidi Hill at

Recipe of the Week

  • Mini German Pancakes German Pancakes are a recipe my grandmother shared with me when I was in middle school and I use it still.  It is a yummy breakfast on the weekends and sometimes I'll even make one for dinner.  The most interesting thing about the German Pancake is that they puff up in the pan as they bake and create a perfect "bowl" type shape for serving.  I usually make my German pancakes in a round pan in the oven, but I found this recipe from Real Mom Kitchen and thought it would be so fun to try and make tiny pancakes.  This would be a great recipe to make for your family over Thanksgiving break.  It is easy to make ...
    Posted Nov 10, 2011, 7:25 AM by Kate Stucker
  • Miniature Monte Cristo's One of my very favorite sandwiches is a monte cristo and they are a rare treat.  It is what I almost always order at Miss Tami's and an easy Pillsbury version was one of my favorite recipes as a teenager.  This recipe originally from Crisco is a great small version of this delicious combination of flavors.  (I suggest dipping the sandwich is raspberry jam rather than hot mustard though.)Miniature Monte Cristo'sINGREDIENTS: 6 slices white bread, trimmed  Mustard 6 very thin slices, fully cooked ham 6 very thin slices, fully cooked turkey 6 very thin slices, Swiss cheese 1 cup buttermilk baking mix 2 large eggs 1 (12 fl. oz.) can PET® Evaporated Milk 1/4 teaspoon ...
    Posted Nov 6, 2011, 7:03 PM by Kate Stucker
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FCS News

  • FCS 1 & 2 Sewing Supplies Due Students in FCS 1 and FCS 2 will be required to provide sewing supplies for projects.  If a student wants to purchase an extra project or a paid for hand sewing project instead of doing one of the provided handsewing projects they must have orders into Mrs. Stucker by September 30, 2011. Please click the links below for the appropriate supply lists for your student.  The supply's will be due on November 2, 2011.FCS 1 Sewing Supply ListFCS 2 Sewing Supply ListStudents were given the lists at the beginning of September. 
    Posted Sep 20, 2011, 5:12 PM by Kate Stucker
  • Electronic Devices in the Classroom Students will be allowed to use iPod touch, iPad's, SmartPhones, etc. in class periodically.  I will not be allowing earbuds to be used in class except for specificed activites, which I will notify students of in advance.  Also students are to keep their devices out of site in the hallways (i.e. in pockets or binders) so their devices will be safe.  Please review the new information on Electronic Devices in the student handbook (page 24) or see below.  ELECTRONIC DEVICES Students will use electronic communication or data devices only in a manner consistent with instructional and testing activities in the classroom. These devices include, but are not limited to, handheld calculators, PDA's, pagers, cell phones, music playing ...
    Posted Aug 30, 2011, 3:07 PM by Kate Stucker
  • First Assignment in FCS This is the first assignment for all FCS students.  Due September 30(5 Homework Points) Students are to review Mrs. Stucker's Web with their parent(s) and go through the syllabus for their classwith parents.  FCS class syllabus links can be found below:6th Grade FCS SyllabusFCS I SyllabusFCS II SyllabusStudents and parents will work together to complete the Welcome to FCS Survey to submit their assignment.  
    Posted Aug 31, 2011, 4:39 PM by Kate Stucker
  • PowerSchool Information All parents and students have access to PowerSchool, an online system that tracks grades. Please check your PowerSchool account to see you or your student's grade in Mrs.Stucker's class. There will be hyperlinks on assignments so the worksheets, resources, and other information for assignments can be accessed for make-up or late-work.   (Note:  Anything in blue on PowerSchool is a hyperlink with more information about an assignment or a grade.  For more information on viewing details through PowerSchool view this PDF file.)Here is a quick tutorial on how to use PowerSchool to get the maximum information and benefit from it.
    Posted Aug 24, 2011, 3:05 PM by Kate Stucker
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